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Sponsor Sponsor Program

Sponsor Program

Our Sponsor Program helps with the cost of your DNA journey.  The donations come from our clients and other generous people who believe that everyone has the right to know who their biological family is. Many clients donate the hours that were not used on their contracts, and some donate cash via PayPal.  If you would like to donate to the Sponsor Program, please contact for instructions on how to help. Every donation made is always used to help someone else find their answers! 

The benefit amounts available under this program vary depending on the donations we have received.  They are first come first served, and there are eligibility requirements.   The minimum benefit amount is $50 and the maximum is $150.  These donations are applied to your research package and you are responsible for paying the balance.  Payment is made before your research begins.


This program is designed to help Senior Citizens, single parents, and those who are on limited incomes such as unemployment or disability.   Please do not ask for help if you do not need it as that will reduce the amount available for those who truly do need some financial help. 


You must be in search of your own biological family, or that of an immediate family member.  Minimum age requirement is 18.  Payment for your portion of the research can be made by anyone, but if you are searching on behalf of an immediate family member who has DNA tested, that family member must meet the eligibility requirements and provide written permission to work with their DNA results. 

Because our goal is to help as many as possible, we limit eligibility to those who are researching US ancestry and who have tested on  You do not need to have a subscription on Ancestry as we use our own accounts to create your project.   You will need to provide access to your DNA results on all sites where you have tested.  We will provide information on how to do that if you are approved for a Sponsor benefit. 

To apply, please first make sure you are able to cover your part of the research.  Rates for research packages are available on the Home page and Solutions page.  Then use the Contact Us section below to submit an email with the following information:

  • Your name

  • Your age

  • Where you tested

  • Which eligibility you qualify for


If your project is for an immediate family member, please provide their name, age, where they tested, and their eligibility category.  If approved for a Sponsor benefit, they will be required to provide written permission before we begin the project. 

We will review your information and respond to your inquiry typically within 24 hours.  Please check your email for messages from as it is important that you be able to reply quickly.  These Sponsor benefits go quickly when they are available. 

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