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Set Me Up

This option is for those who want to make their own discoveries but need a bit of help getting focused in the right direction.

Discovering the pieces of your family puzzle is a thrilling process, but many find it hard to know where to begin.  Our "Set Me Up" option provides you with the head start you need. 


The process starts with us reviewing your matches prior to payment.  If we think you should wait for better matches, we will advise you of that. 

For Ancestry, you will share your DNA Results list with us, and assign the Role of Collaborator.  For all other sites, we will provide you with a temporary password so that we can review your matches.  When we have finished, you can change your passwords back.

If we feel your matches are good enough to help you reach your goal, payment is made via PayPal and your project will be placed on the schedule.

A Set Me Up Project is for four hours and includes grouping matches, entering matches into a DNA Tree, and identifying as many Common Ancestors as is possible with the time allowed.  Included in the four hours is a short review with you on the phone of our findings including an explanation of your tree and Common Ancestors.  The tree is then is transferred to you in .ged format and you take it from there. 

Rate: $100


One of the best decisions I ever made!!  there are sooo many really nice people out there who sincerely want to help, but most of them aren't really sure how to work with DNA either. Catherine has an amazing way of showing you how to work with DNA and how to actually visualize what you are doing. She is super patient and her methods are super easy to catch on to!



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