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Just Do It For Me!

This option is best for those who want their answer in the shortest amount of time. 


We complete your project from start to finish.  You provide access to your DNA results and we do all the work.

The process starts with a Free Consultation so that we may review your matches prior to payment. 

Your DNA match list can sometimes show that your search will be difficult, which is helpful to know before you pay any money.  There are also factors which can complicate your search that are not apparent up front - recent immigration, lack of records, unknown adoptions and misattributed parentage, endogamy, etc. that we are not aware of until we are at that point in your research. 

For Ancestry, you will share your DNA Results list with us, and assign the Role of Collaborator.  For all other sites, we will provide you with a temporary password so that we can review your matches.  When we have finished, you can change your passwords back.

If we feel your matches are good enough to help you reach your goal, payment is made via PayPal and your project will be placed on the schedule.

Projects are offered in 10 hour blocks of time.  At the completion of each 10 hour block of time, you may opt for an additional 10 hours; decide to take a break until more matches are added; or take over the project yourself. 


While no one can guarantee a successful outcome, we do guarantee to perform your search using the skills and experience you expect from professionals.

Rates:  $250 for 10 hours.  Senior Rate: $200 for 10 hours.


At 19, I discovered my bio family was not who I thought they were.  For the next half of my life, I sought the man who was supposed to be my father - he was not. Feeling hopeless and at a dead end, I contacted Catherine at Within hours she found several of the pieces of my puzzle. Her uncanny detective skills can only be surpassed by the size of her heart and professionalism.  Although her service is to seek answers, she remained a neutral and highly respectful party, considerate of everyone involved.   Now knowing who my father is, I can close this chapter of my life. I am forever grateful to Ms. Jacoby!

Roman F


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