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Connecting the pieces of your DNA puzzle

  • adoptees / unknown father

  • DNA analysis

  • traditional genealogy 


Connecting the pieces of your DNA puzzle

Are you searching for biological family? Did your DNA test leave you with more questions than it answered?


Since 2013, we have helped hundreds of adoptees and others with unknown ancestors find the answers they have been looking for their entire lives.  Many others have taken a DNA test and discovered secrets that are surprising or upsetting. They need answers and guidance on how to blend this new information with what they know of their family.

Whether you are interested in names, photos, medical information or an introduction to your biological family, your success depends on the skill and experience of the person handling your search. Our team will always protect your privacy and personal information, and all parties will be treated with respect and compassion.

​We use your DNA combined with traditional genealogy to discover your biological family. Our method is efficient and effective, allowing us to quickly identify your ancestors.  See what our client's say about us on our Reviews page! can also help with traditional genealogy - from building your family tree to researching sources to breaking through brick walls. 

Put your search in the right hands and let us deliver your answers!

Our Services

Our Services

Expert assistance for all your DNA needs

Do it For Me

For those who want their answer in the shortest amount of time.  We complete your project from start to finish.  You provide access to your DNA results and we do all the work.

Set Me Up

4 hours of set-up to get you started. We review your DNA matches, identify Common Ancestors, and start a DNA tree for you.  At the completion of the 4 hours, we turn the project over to you to complete.

Teach Me

We teach you how to use your DNA to find your answers.  One-on-one instruction available in half hour, one hour, and two hour sessions over the phone, using your DNA results.  


I worked through my DNA matches for over a year, without being able to determine who my biological father was. Catherine was able to connect the dots and give me a name after only a couple of hours.  Very pleased with her work!

Daren H


Ready to find your answers?

Send us an email and include:

  • Who you are looking for, or what you need help with

  • What sites you have tested on

  • Any other information you think will help

Do not send login information! If needed, we will provide you with a password to use on your sites.  You can change it back when we are finished.  Please do not send payment at this time. 

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